Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Makes a Great Developer Great?

From tiny startups to huge financial giants, companies are all increasingly reliant on the engineers that make great software happen. These engineers are often called ninjas or rock stars. But there are several things that separate them from the pack.

They don't eat elephants. Great engineers take small, manageable bites out of the problem at hand, and tend to value short releases, simple requirements and usable features. When this bite-by-bite approach is applied iteratively, rich and robust software will arise naturally.
They recycle. There is a strange drive in the software industry to ignore and redo what is already there. Ninjas leverage existing infrastructure, whether it is code, third party libraries, or web services – all in an effort to make their job easier.
They embrace their inner 3-year-old. Great engineers ask why… a lot. They are innately curious about the context their software is going to plug into, which allows them to understand the impact and actual value of what they are building.
They speak human. No matter how badly they might want to, great engineers don't lock themselves in the basement with a case of Mountain Dew. They play nicely on teams, speak up in meetings, send good email, and create rock-solid documentation.

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