Friday, September 30, 2011

The Missing Link in Security Consulting

It's true - some businesses don't think about security until someone breaks into their store, information gets compromised by an insider threat, they are the victims of a zero-day attack, or a sudden compliance concern pops up. That's understandable – sometimes, day-to-day business operations and activities that drive profitability will naturally take precedence over the preventative care of infrastructure. Yet at some point, security will become an inevitable concern. Then what?

There are oodles of companies out there that can confidently walk in and analyze your networks, connections, access points, and every bolt and screw that makes up your infrastructure. They will then deliver compelling security gobbledygook that will, quite possibly, address all of your technology-related security concerns, and will undoubtedly be extremely useful.

Yet there is a missing link that many of them miss. Security is more than a technology and infrastructure concern. Breaches in security can pose a significant threat to the business itself. So when you are looking for a security partner, look for one that conducts methodical and ROI-focused business threat analysis prior to the more typical technology assessments and remediation efforts. By doing so, you can protect the very operational business concerns and profitability activities that had kept you too busy to perform a security assessment in the first place. This is the only way to keep your business protected along with your networks.

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